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Supply Voltage and Current 10 to 30V dc (10% max. ripple) Laser Emitters:less than 35 mA (exclusive of load)
All others:less than 15 mA (exclusive of load)
Range Laser Emitter:15 m (4500 X excess gain)
Laser Polarized Retroreflective:10 m, range is specified using one model BRT-51X51BM or BRT-TVHG-2X2 retroreflector
Laser Diffuse:300 mm
Class 1 Laser Adjustable-field:1 mm to cutoff point (adj. between 30-150 mm)
Class 2 Laser Adjustable-field:20 mm to cutoff point (adj. between 50-250 mm)
Laser Characteristics Wavelength:
Class 2 Laser Adjustable-field:658 nm visible Class 2 laser
All others:650 nm visible red Class 1 laser
Pulse width:
Laser Emitters:5 microseconds
All others:7 microseconds
Rep. rate:
Laser Emitters:27 microseconds
All others:130 microseconds
Pulse output power:
Laser Emitters:less than 1.9 mW
All others:0.065 mW
Supply Protection Circuitry Protected against reverse polarity and transient voltages
Laser Control Enable beam by applying 0V dc to white wire; apply +10 to 30V dc to white wire to inhibit (extinguish) beam
Output Configuration Solid-state complementary (SPDT):NPN (current sinking) or PNP (current sourcing), depending on model
Output Rating 100 mA max. each @ 25° C OFF-state leakage current:
NPN:less than 200 µA @ 30V dc
PNP:less than 10 µA @ 30V dc
ON-state saturation voltage:
NPN:less than 1.6V @ 100 mA
PNP:less than 2.0V @ 100 mA
Output Protection Circuitry Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short circuit of outputs
Output Response Time 700 microseconds ON/OFF (except Laser Emitters)
Delay at Power-up Laser Emitters:1.5 seconds
All others:200 milliseconds; outputs do not conduct during this time.
Repeatability 130 microseconds (except Laser Emitters)
Sensing Hysteresis Laser Retroreflective:12% of range typical
Laser Diffuse:15% of range typical
Class 1 Laser Adjustable-field:1% of range typical @ 30 mm cutoff; 2% of range typical @ 75 mm cutoff; 5% of range typical at 150 mm cutoff
Class 2 Laser Adjustable-field:1% of range typical @ 50 mm cutoff; 2% of range typical @ 150 mm cutoff; 5% of range typical at 250 mm cutoff
Adjustments Laser Retroreflective and Laser Diffuse:Single-turn sensitivity (Gain) adjustment potentiometer
Class 1 Laser Adjustable-field:Five-turn adjustment screw sets cutoff distance between 30 and 150 mm, clutched at both ends of travel
Class 2 Laser Adjustable-field:Five-turn adjustment screw sets cutoff distance between 50 and 250 mm, clutched at both ends of travel
Construction ABS housing with acrylic lens cover. 2.5 mm (laser adjustable-field) and 3 mm mounting hardware is included with each sensor.
Indicators Laser Emitters, 1 LED indicator:
Green ON steady:power applied
All others, 2 LED Indicators:
Green ON steady:power ON
Green flashing:output overload
Yellow† ON steady:light sensed
Yellow† flashing:marginal excess gain (1.0-1.5x excess gain) in light condition
†Note::Prior to date code 0223, the output indicator was red instead of yellow.
Environmental Rating IEC IP67; NEMA 6
Connections 2 m or 9 m 4-wire attached PVC cable, or 150 mm pigtail with 4-pin Pico-style QD (Q), or 150 mm pigtail with 4-pin Euro-style QD (Q5), or 4-pin integral Pico-style QD (Q7), or 4-pin integral Euro-style QD (Q8), depending on model. QD cable are ordered separately.
Operating Conditions Temperature:-10 to +50° C
Relative humidity:90% @ 50° C (non-condensing)
Laser Classification Laser products comply with EN60825-1; 2001 and 21 CFR 1040:10, except deviations persuant to Laser Notice 50, dated 7-26-01.



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